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Folly Beach History and Perspectives

The strength of a city is not just based on a budget, the development of businesses, and managing environmental issues. It is also based on the safety, health, wellness, and quality of life of the residents. This includes serving the needs of everyone in the community, not just the wealthy, or the retiree, or the staff workers but for everyone who lives here.

Folly Beach has a strong fiscal budget marked by fiscal abundance; however, as a resident, there is a need to expand city services that support resident quality of life, safety, health, and wellness.

A key intrinsic and necessary duty for a city is to provide services that support the residents. I am voting for Chris Bizzell, Ann Peets, and Katherine Houghton because they support resident services and our island resident community.

Mary Catoe

As a tourist destination, Folly Beach experiences an influx of short-term renters and day-trippers, which strain city resources. While these visitors do contribute greatly to our local economy, it’s crucial for Folly Beach to balance the use of city resources to also cater to the needs of its residents.

Our senior population on Folly Beach is significant

Over 40% of our resident community is over 60 years old. In order to enhance the safety, health and quality of life of this population, city services need to be implemented. 

I’ve worked with the city attempting to implement services to serve our seniors. The efforts have included surveys to seniors, conversations with staff, a formal request of support to the mayor and city council, and meeting with the senior group. 

I would like to see the city participate in providing transportation assistance, home safety assessments, social engagement options, exercise, wellness, and health resources. Many of these services are currently being modeled in neighboring Charleston County communities and can be pulled into Folly Beach with some effort on the part of residents and city staff. 

If you would like to see additional services to help seniors thrive in our community, please reach out to advocate with Mayor Tim Goodwin, City Administrator Aaron Pope, and recreational coordinator Heather O’Donnell. The specific service options I’m recommending include a current CARTA program called CARTA On Demand that provides door-to-door car service at minimal cost to our seniors, exercise classes including yoga, strength, and balance training, home safety assessments, monthly lunch meet ups at a local restaurant, group trips to local attractions like the Charleston museum, the light show at the James Island County Park Brookgreen Gardens, Patriots Point, and the Charleston market. 

Health & Wellness Programming is Also Needed

Seniors would also benefit from programs like a senior fair, immunization clinics, health screening similar to a sports physical but for seniors to establish fall risk and make recommendations for improved safety and mobility.

Additonal Programming Could Include:

  • Card and board game group
  • Dance classes
  • A walking club
  • A crafting group
  • Expand programming with the county park system specific to senior participation.

There is a lot we can do to support residents in our community starting with our senior population. 

A thriving resident population is key to the health of our community and senior services are a part of this.

I am voting for Chris Bizzell, Ann Peets, and Katherine Houghton because they support resident services and our island resident community.

Mary Catoe

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