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The HOA Question in Folly Beach's Housing Strategy

I received this question from a resident of a Folly Beach condominium and wanted to share it as it highlights how every policy decision can have unintended consequences.

I’m a Folly Beach resident, registered voter and live in one of the largest HOA’s in Folly. Recently our community was informed that our liability coverage could be impacted if our STR’s (ISTR’s and resident STR’s) exceed 25%, that our liability policy is in jeopardy of not being renewed. Our Master Deed requires a 75% vote to make an amendment to cap STRs. (75% of all owners even if they don’t vote).

It was stated, if we do not have liability coverage, we can lose our Board of Directors and property manager (we will not be able to indemnify the property manager).

Would you vote in favor of eliminating HOA’s from the STR Cap, knowing the detrimental consequences that may befall Folly’s HOA communities?

The strength and stability of our communities should guide all of our policies. The potential repercussions of losing liability coverage for our HOA’s, including the possible dissolution of the Board of Directors and property management, is a stark reminder of the intricate web of consequences that can arise from a single policy decision.

The distinct challenges your HOA faces highlights the need to approach STR regulations with a comprehensive understanding. Decisions made in haste or without thorough vetting can inadvertently lead to unintended consequences, potentially destabilizing the very communities we aim to protect.

Considering the information at hand, exempting HOA’s from the Cap would not serve Folly Beach’s best interests. Here are some key reasons why this exemption could be detrimental:

  • Increased Housing Units Under the Cap: Exempting HOA’s would significantly boost the number of housing units falling under the Cap.
  • Liability Concerns: The potential loss of liability coverage for our HOA’s is a serious concern that cannot be overlooked.
  • Need for a Comprehensive View: While important to consider individual situations, we must do so while keeping the broader well-being of the entire Folly Beach community in mind.

All amendments to the existing STR Cap need to be evaluated based on their impacts to the overall community’s well-being. It’s imperative that we find balanced solutions that serve the interests of all Folly Beach residents.

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