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While the Folly Beach Civic Club Candidate Forum lead to some great discussion on many issues, some topics were not addressed. One of which is my desire to be an advocate for expanding Senior Services on the island. With roughly 40% of our resident population over 70, Folly Beach needs to take steps forward in creating solutions that enhance livability for this demographic.

Expand Transportation Services

Many seniors face physical limitations, such as reduced mobility or diminished vision, which can make driving more difficult. As a result, many seniors experience social isolation due to their inability to travel, underscoring the need for more inclusive and adaptive transportation solutions. I am proposing that the city of Folly Beach reach out to Carta and explore the possibility of joining their CARTA OnDemand program. CARTA OnDemand is a partnership with Uber and Lyft that serves seniors and Tel-A-Ride paratransit customers throughout the designated CARTA fixed-route service area. Trips can cost as little as $4 each way and rides can be scheduled with as little as one-hour notice.

CARTA OnDemand is open to all seniors 55+ as well as Tel-A-Ride customers. CARTA OnDemand is a subsidized program and the costs for implementing this program on Folly Beach would be negligible.

By offering Folly Beach seniors easier access to affordable transportation options, we can easily improve livability for a large portion of our island’s population.

Additionally, I propose that we work with the city and other local organizations to further expand services to our seniors:

  • Work with Heather O’Donnell, Folly’s new Community Coordinator to develop programs that are accessible for all groups
  • Utilize existing infrastructure to expand programming for Folly seniors
  • Monthly lunches at downtown businesses

I ate lunch at the seniors meeting a few weeks back; a monthly event that I would highly recommend attending. Heather O’Donnell spoke to the group and there is strong interest in developing and supporting this type of programming. By being creative and utilizing resources already in place, we can deliver solutions that greatly improve livability for a large segment of our population

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