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Pier Goodmann
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As a candidate for the Folly Beach City Council, I am deeply committed to preserving the unique charm and natural beauty of the island, while also ensuring that we are prepared to meet the infrastructure challenges of the future. This position paper outlines the key infrastructure issues we face and proposes solutions that I believe will help us navigate these challenges effectively.

Beach Erosion

Our beachfront, a critical asset and the heart of our community, is under threat from ongoing erosion. Beach renourishment is a costly but necessary measure to protect our shoreline and the local economy it supports. If elected, I will advocate for continued investment in beach renourishment and seek partnerships with state and federal agencies to share the financial responsibility.

Water System

The need to upgrade our aging water utility system is another pressing issue. Ensuring the continued provision of safe and reliable water services is a fundamental duty of our city. I am committed to exploring all available funding options, including grants, loans, and potentially a referendum, to secure the necessary resources for this crucial upgrade.

Short Term Rentals

The issue of short-term rentals presents a complex challenge. While they contribute to our economy, the increased visitor influx can strain our infrastructure. I support the recent decision to cap the number of short-term rentals, and if elected, I will work to ensure that we continue to balance the needs of our tourism industry with the quality of life for our residents.

Climate Change

Finally, we cannot ignore the impacts of climate change. The City of Folly Beach says they’re preparing now for a one-foot rise in sea levels by 2050. Rising sea levels and increased storm intensity threaten our infrastructure and require us to build resilience into our planning. I applaud the forward thinking efforts by the city to be pro-active with respect to climate change and fully support their efforts to mitigate effects on the island.

In conclusion, while we face several infrastructure challenges, I believe these also present opportunities for us to innovate, adapt, and become more resilient. If elected to the City Council, I promise to work tirelessly to address these issues, always keeping the best interests of Folly Beach and its residents at heart. Together, we can navigate these challenges and build a sustainable future for our beloved city.

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