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Pier Goodmann
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Folly Beach Long-term rental

First and foremost, I am running for Folly Beach City Council to be a representative of the residents of Folly Beach. It is my goal to work with residents, city leaders, and businesses to enact balanced rules and regulations that incentivize people to move to Folly and become part of the fabric of our community.

Folly Beach’s Population is Declining

Folly Beach’s population is currently 21.4% smaller than it was in 2010. We need to put the animosity and division of the past year behind us and recognize the Folly community is what makes our island so special; we need to protect that community.

In doing so, we can work together on the issues of livability and come together as a community to develop solutions that address this loss of full-time residents and start growing our community again:

The STR Cap Represents Balance

The rules and STR limits defined by the ordinance passed in February are in place because the community wishes to protect the balance of full time residents and short term rentals. The rules in place simply insure that a viable long-term community continues to thrive.

It is time to put that issue behind us and focus on:

  • Creating and implementing the STR License wait-list
  • Evaluating noise monitoring for all STR’s on the island
  • Implement simple ways to report STR violations
  • Enforce existing STR rules and regulation

We all say “Keep Folly Folly”. But what is Folly? It’s the people. It’s the folks who are committed to making Folly better by supporting the Civic Club, the Exchange Club, Folly’s Angels, our churches, the Turtle Watch Program, and WARRIOR SURF. These people and organizations are what make our community what it is.

Developing and implementing solutions that enhance the livability of Folly Beach is a vital step towards protecting and growing the Folly institutions that we all love.

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