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I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make last week on Folly so special. In the span of seven days, Folly hosted the Toby the Turtle Beach Sweep, the Civic Club Halloween Party and the 2023 PorchFest. At each event, our resident community came together to celebrate the diverse, inclusive character that makes us all want to call this island our home.

We all say “Keep Folly Folly”. But what is Folly? It’s the people. It’s the folks who are committed to making Folly better by supporting the Civic Club, the Exchange Club, Folly’s Angels, our churches, the Turtle Watch Program, the Garden Club, The Folly Beach Senior Club and Warrior Surf. These people and organizations are what make our community what it is and make events like we enjoyed last week possible. This past week truly reinforces the fact that the Folly Beach is home to a truly unique and special community. I will work on balanced policies that protect that community.

Thank You For a Great Campaign Experience

As we approach this Tuesday’s vote, I also want to thank everyone who has shared their thoughts with me regarding the issues facing our community this past several weeks. I am deeply grateful to each and every voter for your participation in this election. While our views may not always align, I truly value the opportunity to listen to your perspectives. It’s my sincere hope that, together, we can find consensus on the issues that divide and move forward together to create solutions that benefit our community.

Please Get Out & Vote

The decisions made by City Council in the next few years will have profound effects on the nature of our community. This election is not just about today or tomorrow; it’s about preserving the essence of Folly for the next 50 years. I fully understand this responsibility and will prioritize resident voices and work tirelessly to ensure that the unique character of Folly remains.

Along with maintaining the integrity of the STR Cap, I pledge to address the following:

We live in a very the special place and I appreciate the opportunity to serve the community and represent you on city council. Thank you and please get out and vote November 7th!

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