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As a candidate for Folly Beach City Council, I am committed to supporting initiatives that protect our community and support livability on the island. The Short-Term Rental Cap that was passed in February was an important step in securing the balance of residents and renters on Folly Beach. Communities like Folly Beach, acknowledge that STR’s are now a part of the housing situation. The ordinance poses no threat to eliminate STR’s. The rules in place simply insure that a viable long-term community continues to thrive.

Inheritance: An Unresolved Issue

I have had numerous discussions regarding the cap with people on both sides of the issue and the primary concern that remains is the question of transferring a resident’s home to a family member without loss of priority on the waitlist.

My objective is to assure that all of Folly’s property owners have an equal opportunity to obtain an ISTR license while maintaining the integrity of the Cap passed in February.

When elected I will work to develop a waitlist that allows for those in the queue to add family members to their deed or create a trust without losing their place on the waitlist, as long as no money changes hands. This measure would ensure that families are able to better plan for their future while still maintaining a fair and inclusive system for all.

Transfer of Licenses

The ability to transfer a business license has never existed. The recently passed referendum follows this precedent and does not allow for the transfer of the 800 ISTR licenses, even among family members. This was designed to ensure that those on the Waitlist will have an equal opportunity to get an ISTR license.

Next Steps

As a candidate, I pledge to be open towards creating a task force made up of stakeholders on both sides of the issue to examine this question and look for ways to facilitate family friendly and trust friendly transfer options for those on the waitlist. Additionally, I pledge to act quickly to facilitate the development and launch an ISTR waitlist.

This issue is quite complex and needs to be fully studied and verified so as not to lead to unintended consequences. I feel that bringing parties together from both sides to carefully study potential solutions to this issue will go a long way towards healing the division on the island regarding the Cap and allow us to move forward as a community.

It is my hope that we can leave the division of the past year behind, move forward and work together to identify solutions that protect and grow this special place we all call home.

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