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Pier Goodmann
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Folly Beach Long-term rental

As a candidate for the Folly Beach City Council, I am deeply committed to jump-starting Workforce Housing Initiative as part of a comprehensive strategy to identify solutions for long-term renters on the island.

It is essential that Folly Beach prioritizes housing for our dedicated public service professionals and essential City Hall staff. Upon my election to the city council, one of my initial actions will be to introduce the formation of a Workforce Housing Committee, which I am eager to lead.

The committee’s approach will be inclusive and collaborative. We’ll initiate with a public listening session, inviting insights from our residents and the local businesses. With collective creativity, this committee can evaluate solutions and present the most viable housing ideas to the city council for more deliberation.

Facilitating people to find more affordable, long-term rentals on and around Folly would have significant impacts:

  • Help restore Folly’s full-time resident population
  • Grow the local workforce and assist employers as they look to fill positions on the island
  • Enhance the fabric of our community by contributing to the stability and continuity of the community

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