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Pier Goodmann
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Folly Beach Pedestrian Safety

Recently I met with Eric Lutz and Jenna Stephens and discussed the issue of pedestrian and traffic safety. From those discussions, it is apparent that SCDOT will be conducting a safety audit of the island in an attempt to identify areas that need to be addressed.
From my discussions with residents, it’s abundantly clear that pedestrian safety and speeding remain major concerns. As a member of the council, I will make it a priority to listen to these concerns and work to implement solutions.
The Rethink Folly Road study reports that approximately 9,300 ADT cross the causeway to Folly beach every day. With large numbers of cars on our roads and heavy pedestrian traffic, Folly Beach must continue to explore all measures in order to provide safe roads for cars, beach goers and others on the island.

As a tourism destination, safety is vitally important. Studies show that women consider safety s their number 2 criteria in evaluating a vacation destination.

A Published SCDOT Report Identifies These Trends in Pedestrian Fatalities

  • Most pedestrian fatalities occur at night, emphasizing the need for well-lit streets and crosswalks.
  • A notable proportion of these fatalities are taking place in locations without sidewalks, underscoring the importance of pedestrian infrastructure.

Unfortunately, Folly Beach has many areas that meet these criteria. Along with the Arctic Avenue Plan, we need to be committed in our approach toward addressing locations on the island that contribute to potential pedestrian safety issues.

I Will Work to Implement Proactive Measures Designed to Improve Pedestrian Safety on Folly Beach

  • Slowing Down Motor Vehicles Where Pedestrians are Present
  • Work to increase the enforcement of rules regarding motorist yielding to pedestrians
  • Installing more sidewalks
  • Add Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons at island crossings
  • Ensuring well-lit streets

By adopting proven strategies, working with h SCDOT, leveraging grants, and fostering a culture of safety, Folly Beach can take proactive steps to ensure that our streets are safer for everyone.

The enhancement of Arctic Avenue is not just about improving a road; it’s about enhancing the quality of life for all residents of Folly Beach. It’s about creating a safer and more inclusive, environment for everyone. As your city council representative, I pledge to make this project and similar initiatives a priority

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